The Key of Joy

The Key Of Joy is the latest release from Cowboy Celtic, and the band is now in its 22nd year! Both the title track, Key Of Joy and
Down Along The Livingstone were written by one of Alberta’s finest songwriters, Sid Marty. David Wilkie has added a beautiful instrumental, McZwick Royale, and the trilogy Warrior and The King, telling the story of Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant’s first visit to England to meet with King George III.

Along with traditional Western and Celtic melodies, and a few songs composed by some of our finest Western songwriters, are two very special guest performances. Texas singer Andy Hedges adds the classic Mustang Gray and Nashville’s Charlie McCoy lays down some wonderful harmonica and vibes on Cowgirl’s Lullaby. For those unfamiliar with Charlie, his studio work is legendary. He was a major figure in the recording of Bob Dylan’s ground-breaking “Blonde On Blonde” and “Nashville Skyline” albums, and he also played on Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer,” Tom T Hall’s “Old Dogs and Children,” and on the song He Stopped Loving Her Today, voted best Country song of all time. His credits are too numerous to mention all of them.

The Key Of Joy was produced by David Wilkie and Butch Hause. We had a fantastic time recording this CD in beautiful Colorado, and hope you enjoy it enough to add it to your playlists.